Antenatal Programmes

Real Birth

The Real Birth Program is an evidence based antenatal education programme that assists women and their birth partners learn about pregnancy and labour. The programme uses a factual and honest approach to labour, and birth preparation that helps you feel reassured and knowledgeable about your birth choices. The program involves looking at current day attitudes to pregnancy and birth and helping create a positive class learning environment. We will look at how negative language used in childbirth creates confirmation of inner doubts and the effect that positive birth language can have This program is designed to help promote a positive birth experience irrespective of birthing choices; irrespective of care pathways and helping women understand the process of birth. Mainly its about having fun and encouraging women to take control of their birthing experiences. The Real Birth Program will run over 4 weeks- 2-hour sessions in the evening. A healthy snack is provided for our mums and birthing partners. Some of the topics you will cover are:

Language and the role of media

  • Skin to Skin
  • Optimal cord clamping and delayed cord clamping
  • Your placenta
  • Stages of birth
  • Understanding your Pelvis
  • Positions of birthing and aids
  • Hormones and the Uterus muscle
  • The use of water in birth
  • Massage
  • The role of a birthing partner
  • Breathing technique for pregnancy and birth

The aim of the Real Birth Programme is to help you learn how your body works in labour, and to help you understand the process of birth. This will help you feel more reassured and confident as you approach your birth.
Birth has been happening for a long time. In the last 200,000 years we have not really changed physiologically. The way we birth in the same way as our ancestors. We have the same instincts and hormones yet our world has changed quite a lot.
On the final week of our program we will be assisted by our very own Sure Start Midwife to answer any questions mummy’s or partners would like to ask.

Postnatal Programmes

Incredible Babies

In the Parents and Babies Program, parents learn how to:

  • Help their babies feel loved, safe, and secure.
  • Encourage their babies’ physical and language development.

The parenting group format fosters peer support networks and shared learning. Trained Incredible Years® facilitators use video clips of real-life situations to support the training and stimulate group discussions. Parents practice skills with their babies in the group.

Part 1 – Getting to Know Your Baby (0-3 months)
Part 2 – Babies as Intelligent Learners (3-6 months)
Part 3 – Providing Physical, Tactile and Visual Stimulation
Part 4 – Parents Learning to Read Babies’ Minds
Part 5 – Gaining Support
Part 6 – Babies’ Emerging Sense of Self (6-12 months)

Breastfeeding Support Group

To get breastfeeding off to the best start, our midwife can help you overcome any challenges that may be encountered along the way and help you breastfeed successfully for longer. This group offers breastfeeding mums and mums-to-be an opportunity to come together to meet new people and share experiences.

Baby Massage

Baby massage is an ancient tradition in many cultures. Clinical evidence shows that loving, touching nurturing contact between caregiver and baby has an important impact on their development.
Long before babies are able to speak, they communicate with the world around them through touch. The power of touch to soothe and heal is instinctive.
Baby massage is a lovely way to soothe, calm and enjoy time with your baby. It can also help you bond with them. If a baby cries, for example, we often cuddle them or stroke their back. Massaging your baby is an extension of this natural impulse.
This programme is suitable for babies 6 weeks to 12 months. It runs for 5 weeks, each session is for 1 hour. There are lots of ways baby massage can benefit not just your baby, but you and your partner as well.

Strengthens parent-baby attachment, learning to read baby’s cues.

Soothes baby and helps relax baby.

Encourages baby to sleep better, helps with colic and wind and constipation.

Socialise parent and baby get an opportunity to meet others.

Happy Feet

This is a 4 week programme aimed for babies 6 weeks to 9 months (or pre crawlers), each session lasts 1 hour. This Introduction to Reflexology programme, teaches parents how to safely apply a gentle treatment on their child to aid common ailments and promote calm and relaxation. 

Happy Feet programme can:

  • Help relieve colic, wind, constipation, tummy upsets, ear congestion, teething pain and sleeping problems
  • Help boost emotional and physical well-being.
  • Encourage bonding with parent and child by spending quality/fun time together.